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What if I told you that you could save up to $5000 with just one phone call? You'd probably think I was nuts.

Real Talk:
Many small businesses throw money at things that won't work.

What if you could skip all of that, avoid throwing money around, and make an invaluable friend?

Heck Yes!

Bold Businesses Deserve A Bold Consultant

here's how it works


The first step is scheduling a free 10 minute call, or sending me an email.

During our meeting, or in your email, please give me as much information as possible as to what you need help with.

This is the 'getting to know you' part of our work together.


The Discovery Session is my equivalent of a consultation. I'm not here to sell you on bigger projects. I'm just here to tell you what you need to hear.

I'll ask defining Big Questions to help save you time, energy, sanity, and money.

I offer a money-back guarantee on Discovery Sessions.


If we continue, I'll come up with your solution. If you need help with Influencer marketing, for example, I can develop a guide on how to do that on your own (saves you money).

Or, I can refer you to one of my agency partners to execute this (saves you time).

Or, I can create an overarching strategy, and do project management for you (saves sanity & effort).


If you need more Discovery sessions, that's always on the table.

Consider those sessions deep-dives, or 'business therapy sessions'

...but I also offer something else: ongoing help.

Yup. Come to me with your questions, forever, or until you don't need me anymore (I'll be proud, really). You can cancel this service for any reason.

Expertise Speaks For Itself

Get Advice From A multi-disciplined master

UI / UX Auditing & Copywriting

Social Media Growth

Logo Design & Branding

SEO Expertise

Photoshop (Product Is Super-Imposed)



Shopify Dev / Front-End Dev

And a lot more work I can't share

I work with lots of agencies.

Transparent Pricing

And a money-back 'Discovery' guarantee

$175 / up to 1hr

Perfect for people who need advice

10 minute free 'getting to know you'.

No obligation to snag a consultation ^
NDA options available
Payment Up Front
Helpfulness Guaranteed
Transparent refund policy


$65 /hr

Perfect for people need hands-on help

Above rate is for misc not outlined below:

Basic Guide: $250
Audit: $350
In-depth Strategy: $650
Airtable Task Planning: $200
Project Management: $70/hr
Copywriting: $0.19 USD per word

Milestone billing on 'items'
EOM billing on 'hours'
3 Revisions on any 'item'
Basic guide fee upfront
Audit Fee upfront
Referral to partnered agencies: free!
Cancellations only after Milestone is hit

On-going Help

$400 /mo

Perfect for people who need lots of feedback

'Discovery' clients only

Subscription model
Unlimited Emails: Response in 1-2 Biz Days
3 Phone Sessions/mo (must schedule)
Business / project advice
Copywriting Help
HONEST Feedback
UX / UI critiques
Cancel before next billing cycle

Transparent 'Discovery' Refund Policy

With 'Discovery', If I Can't...

Help you save: time, energy, sanity, or money

You can request a full refund. Yup, I'm serious. You must request this by emailing the front desk, with the subject line Refund within 2 days of 'Discover' and outline how I didn't help in explicit detailing. Refunds occur in 7 business days.

If during our conversations there's an affirmation of 'helpfulness', no refund will be issued. If the above process of refunding your consultation is not complied with, no refund will be issued. In the event of a life-changing event, a refund will be issued. Or, we can reschedule! :)

I have a lot of creative tech knowledge to give, but obviously want things to be fair between us.

If you really want advice from someone who isn't a snake-oil salesman, I'm your girl.

Executables (Solution) do not have refunds. Milestones are paid on completion. Hourly items are paid end of month. On-going help is non-refundable (except in the case of life-changing circumstances).

You May Be Wondering
Then how can I guarantee I'll get my money's worth?

The answer is approvals and revisions.

Each step of the way, on a project-based executable, stakeholder buy-in is enthusiastically confirmed.

For on-going help, what you ask for is what you receive. If you do not use the given time (30 days) efficiently, that's on you, boo boo.

Real People Who Trust Me

See testimonials on LinkedIn


Emily Sandberg Gold
AKA the best client ever
Founder / CEO of Award-winning Digital Agency (Twice Social)


Erica Holloway
Emmy-Winning Communications & Marketing Pro


Michael "Fritz" Fritzius
President at Arch DevOps


Deborah Bubis
Recruiter/Sourcer/Accounting and Finance Matchmaker


Brian Sirkia
CTO of TryLately


Ted Lanier
Founder and Marketing Consultant at Ted Lanier Consulting


Anna Pilette
Geophysicist, Ocean Lover, Navy Veteran, & COO of Atomic Dumpling


Who Is Kira Leigh?

Maker / Artist / Writer / Gamer YOUR FRIEND

Hi, I'm Kira Leigh. Picture coming later (much busy! very work!).

I've been in tech for roughly 5 years, and have over 13 years of exp with Photoshop, HTML / CSS, and graphic design.

I've gone viral, I've worked with businesses of every size, and I want to help you succeed like I have.

If you want to see writing, anime articles, or my LinkedIn profile to learn more about me, please do.

I'm not here to waste your time / money. I have far too much anime to watch to be bothered with all that stuff :)

get in touch

I'll respond within 2-3 business days.

P: 315-534-9752