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Let's get shit done

And have some fun

Honest, no-bullshit creative tech work and creative
consultancy from the nerds who have your back.

THERE IS NO DESIGN started as a solo-operation in September of 2017. It was financially in the green after just a few months; going viral helps.

After a year (and some change) of Freelancing, Kira Leigh really, really, really, really, really wanted to incorporate some chill people into the fold.

We're now a tiny, tiny band of misfits who like to do good work, have fun, and help you figure stuff out.


Our Services

Stuff we know how to do :)


Marketing & Etc

Do you want tens of thousands of eyes on your business? Content marketing paired with social is the way to go.

We love marketing for Gaming companies, SaaS products, and Hiring Tech.

Consultation, Email Marketing, SEO Audit, Landing Pages, Social Media Management, Reddit Advertising, Content Marketing, LinkedIn Influencer Marketing...



Whether you want spicey Tweets or Technical Docs, we aim to please.

We love being Lifestyle Writers, Gaming Bloggers, and SaaS Content Creators.

UI Copywriting, Brand Messaging, Ad Copywriting, Micro-content, Social Media Copy...

White Papers, Technical Docs, Script Writing, Copy Editing...


Logo & Branding

This is actually our favorite service!

We're super into Startup Branding, eCommerce Logo Dev, and Saas Branding.

Style Guides , Brand messaging, Typography, Color theory / choice, Mission Statement, Customer Persona, Best Practices, Logo Design 

BX & CX , Brand Strategy, Marketing Strategy, Consultation, Social Audit


Graphic Design

Kira alone has over 14 years of experience with graphic design. If you need awesome work, done in half the time, at a delightful price--we've got you.

Gaming App UI is super fun, SaaS UX is bae, and Cryptocurrency Whitepapers are awesome sauce.

Social Graphics , Ad Graphics, UX Roadmaping , UI Design, Photomanipulation, Illustration, Mockups, Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers... 

Basically everything.

Recent Work

Here's some work we've done recently :)

UI / Copywriting for

UI Design & Copywriting for TryLately

Kira Leigh was referred to TryLately by a colleague. The work consisted of UX Auditing, UX Copywriting and PSD UI Design.

It was a really fun project.

Check out CTO Brian Sirkia's Testimonial below!

Copywriting & Design for Sofia eConsulting OÜ

Logo Design for Spectrely

Some of Kira Leigh's clients are touch-and-go, but long-term.

This particular client keeps coming back for logo-work, which is great because they're such a genuine human and wonderful to interact with.

Social Media & Design Work

A lot of work we can't talk about

We think client privacy is important.

A lot of our projects concern sensitive information.

Please check out our Testimonials below; we promise we're golden, we just don't want to get any of our clients into hot water.

How It Works

Transparency is important: here's our process

Step 1

Too much to do, too little time

Small biz owners, Startups and entrepreneurs: we get it. We've done that dance and lived that life—we sympathize. You're at the point where you know you need help, and you're here looking everything over. When you're ready, let's fix it. No pressure.

Step 2

Let's Talk It Out

First we start our email thread, and set up a call. "Discovery"—we hate that term—is free up to 30 minutes of phone-time. Now that we know what creative tech help you need, we can get started.

Step 3

Plan For Success

Depending on what you need: Social Media Work, Marketing, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Branding, Graphic Design, Logo Work, UI / UX, etc, we make a Plan of Action. Together.

The "Budget" talk is important, too.
This is all transparent.

Step 4

Scopes Save Lives

We draft up a nice scope for the work we're going to do together, a mutual NDA, and a contract. Once that's all agreed on, we get to work on the start-date.

Step 5

Communication Is Key

You'll be assigned a Point Person. They'll be your Project Manager and will handle the flow of work. We correspond via email, Slack, or Discord. Google Hangouts meetings and Phone calls are also an option, but depending on your point person, this may be a challenge.

Be aware that our office hours are variable sometimes, but we try to get back to you ASAP.

Step 6

Happiness Is Our Goal

Whether you need a Consultation, Social Media help, or otherwise, we want to make you happy. Your KPI is our KPI. After the project is complete, we see how we did.

We never lock people into a multiple month commitment for anything, unless it's requested. If you want just 1 article written for example, that's fine by us. 

If we think it'd be best to do several months, we'll let you know, but we don't expect it. We just want to see you and your work / what you're trying to do, shine.

No harm, no foul.


Our team is just the best

Kira Leigh

Actually Batman

Loves UI Design, Animu, JRPGs, and Copywriting. She wears many hats, but prefers batman beanies most of all.

Cheyenne Ciré

Virtual Cryptid Assistant

Cheyenne (aka cin) jokingly refers to herself as the virtual cryptid assistant. She loves video games, making art, tv, beauty, and astrology. She edits, writes, and helps with emails.

Rachel Hale

Possibly The Ruler Of Hell

Actually proclaimed geek, has the DnD set to prove it, with a throne in hell and can do front/back-end dev, social media copy, writing, editing, and video editing. Disclaimer: Can nerd about bioware harder than Sav can nerd about bioware.

Savannah Rossbach

Actually Robin

Self proclaimed geek with a pretty face and a big brain; who can: do social media management, graphic design, logos and nerd out harder than you about bioware.


These are real humans from LinkedIn

It's rare to find someone who's knowledgeable in a lot of areas. Plus, she shoots from the hip. She will not just tell you what you want to hear. She's going to tell you what you need to know.
If you want someone who can give you quality branding, social presence and informed content, get Kira.

I have been delighted by the creative support that Kira has provided to me.
She is prompt and communicative as well as creative....all qualities I admire.
I would not hesitate to recommend or use her again.

Her creativity is inspirational, but so is her drive to create original ideas.
Wickedly gifted, her emotional intelligence and talent is honed from years of working on her art.
Kira is my first choice as a content creator.

What a rockstar! It was a blast working with Kira, it’s hard to find someone with such a unique voice that can also adapt their style to yours in a fluid way.
And great design skills to boot!

Supremely talented in all things marketing, Kira is also a kind and compassionate individual.
I have been fortunate enough to interact and work with her on a mutual project that originated on LinkedIn.
She is a gifted writer, graphic designer and promoter. Your company would benefit greatly from the addition of Kira!

If there is anything that I know that Kira is passionate about, it is her writing. Kira is a unique. She writes openly, genuinely and creatively.
Her writing is thought provoking, and offers ideas that other creatives would never think of. Her writing is promised to make you smile, or laugh hysterically.
I would highly recommend Kira to add value to a fun, creative environment.


Here are some nifty blog posts! :) 


Need help with a project? Reach out!



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